Scientific American, May 2008

The Genesis of Planets
Theorists long imagined that the formation of young solar systems was a serene process with a stately progression, in which the eventual appearance of planets was a foregone conclusion. The latest evidence, however -- including observations of worlds circling other stars -- argues that planet formation is startlingly chaotic.

Regulating Evolution
Most animals share similar genes. The staggering diversity in their physical forms springs from switches in the DNA that govern where and when those genes are active.

Science 2.0
Is posting raw experimental data online, for all to see, a great tool or a great risk?

How Cells Clean House
Autophagy, a process that normally keeps cells in good working order, seems to be linked to aging and diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Hooked from the Fist Cigarette
Cigarette addiction can arise astonishingly fast. New research could help make quitting easier.

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