Scientific American, February 2008

The Future of Physics
The Discovery Machine.
The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics.
Building the Next-Generation Collider.

The Unquiet Ice
Abundant liquid water discovered underneath the great polar ice sheets could catastrophically intensify the effects of global warming on the rise of sea level around the world.

RFID Powder
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags label all kinds of inventoried goods and speed commuters through toll plazas. Now tiny RFID components are being developed with a rather different aim: thwarting counterfeiters.

Your Cells Are My Cells
Many, perhaps all, people harbor a small number of cells from genetically different individuals -- from their mothers and, for women who have been pregnant, from their children. What in the world do these foreigners do in the body?

Building a Future on Science
Brazilian neuroscientist Miguel A. L. Nicolelis taps into the chatter of neurons to drive robotic prosthetics. Now he hopes to tap the potential of his country's population by building a network of "science cities."

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