Scientific American, July 2008

Traces of a Distant Past
Modern DNA furnishes an ever clearer picture of the multimillennial trek that our ancestors made from Africa all the way to the tip of South America, starting 60,000 years ago.

The Self-Organizing Quantum Universe
A new approach to the decades-old problem of quantum gravity shows how the building blocks of space and time pull themselves together.

New Jobs for Ancient Chaperones
With newly recognized roles in cancer and immunity, the heat shock proteins that normally protect cells against stress might become therapeutic allies.

Hands-on Computing
Multi-touch screens could improve collaboration without a mouse or keyboard.

No-Till: The Quiet Revolution
Because plowing degrades the land, farmers are increasingly turning to a more sustainable alternative.

The Neuroscience of Dance
Recent brain-imaging studies reveal some of the complex neural choreography behind our ability to dance.

Simple Groups at Play
A new set of problems challenges puzzle lovers to get acquainted with the tricky mathematical symmetries embodied in "sporadic simple groups."

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