Scientific American, June 2008

The Ethics of Climate Change
When economists analyze how much to spend on global warming, they must weigh the value of our current prosperity against that of the diminished well-being of our grandchildren.

The Cosmic Origins of Time's Arrow
Maybe time's seemingly unvarying flow forward is a short-term fluke in a universe where the distant future and distant past look the same.

Gaining Ground on Breast Cancer
The newest targeted therapies help doctors to tailor effective treatments to individual patients.

Digital Image Forensics
Modern software makes image tampering easier but also enables new methods of detection.

What Is a Species?
Biologists still struggle with that fundamental but scientifically pivotal question.

The Tunguska Mystery
Finding a piece of the elusive cosmic body that devastated a Siberian forest a century ago could help save the earth in the centuries to come.

The Neurobiology of Trust
A small molecule that induces labor in pregnant women also exerts a pivotal influence every day on our inclination to trust strangers.

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