The Age of Wars of Religion

From School Library Journal

Grade 10 Up–This encyclopedia describes and illuminates a momentous 650-year period of world history that includes what historians have called The Dark Ages and the Renaissance. While the resource focuses on the political, military, and social aspects of the religious wars (Crusades, The Thirty Years' War, Inquisition, The Armada, Turkey and the Ottoman Empire) that created enormous changes in the political and social landscape of Europe and Asia, it also addresses social customs (chivalry, tournaments); historical movements (feudalism, Reformation, age of exploration); religious organizations and beliefs (Catholic Church, Calvinism, Islam, Orthodox Churches, Confucianism); and the lives of important figures (Oliver Cromwell, Niccolò di Bernardo Machiavelli, Cardinal Richelieu). Nolan's well-written and authoritative preface serves as an excellent and clear introduction to this large slice of world history, and the alphabetically arranged entries are equally informative, impartially written, and accessible to students. The longer entries end with cross-references and a short list of suggested reading. Except for a section of 25 black-and-white maps, which are sometimes hard to read, there are no illustrations. A 22-page chronology, an extensive selected bibliography that includes some Web sites, and a helpful index end the set. Though specialized, this encyclopedia is recommended for libraries supporting a robust world history curriculum or fielding a number of questions on the topic.–Jack Forman, Mesa College Library, San Diego

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bloganaigh said...


Tahniah untuk maktabah maya yang sangat sangat berguna ni. Stephen Hawking punya A Brief History of Time terjemahan ada x? -Riwayat Sang Kala kalau tak silap. Kalau ada, boleh share x? dah lama cari tapi tak jumpa.

Ahmad Saifuddin Amran said...

Brief History of Times tu kalau tak silap ada je kat kedai-kedai buku kat malaysia terjemahan dia. cubalah cari. kalau versi e-book, maaf, memang takdela.

ukhti_nh said...

Innalillahi wa inna hi rajiuun..
Moga diberi kekuatan utk terus mengupload..
accidently found this blog last year when google for some islamic books..
Alhamdulillah byk buku2 yg bermanfaat..
Allah izin buku2 yg ada dlm simpanan ana yg didownload dr blog ni pun terhapus..dsbbkan msalah pc..
trying to find them back in this blog today..hilang la plak..xpe2 mungkin ada hikmahnya..teruskan mengupload supaya kami boleh mendownload..digunakan utk maslahat umat jgak..keep a good work..jazakallah

JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam dari Dublin.. pekaba?? saje2 bloghopping, terhop ke sini pulak.. anyway, kalau rajin, dtg laa jenguk2 blog hamba.. :)