La Tahzan (Don't Be Sad)

Tajuk : La Tahzan (Don't Be Sad)
Pengarang : Dr. 'Aaidh Al-Qorni

DOWNLOAD 1 (English PDF 15.1 Mb)
DOWNLOAD 2 (Arabic DOC 2.7 Mb)


Anonymous said...

bismelah as salaamu alaykum Mashallah, I was looking for the book "don't be sad" in accessable formats like, pdf. My friends and I are blind and have a hard time gaining access to read islamic books. BarakAllahu feekum wa-Salaamu 'Alaykum

Ahmad Saifuddin Amran said...

the downloadable translated la tahzan e-book above is already in pdf format. it was created from the original book scanlation itself. so you cant simply copy paste the text from the file. actually what do you really mean by accessible format?

Anonymous said...

Elhamdalah brother... jazakallah for this wonderful book. Truly jazakallah...

demarsahid said...

Assalamu'alaikum...ada Bku yang BEst Seller baru?
kira kira file nya jangan besar besar..
maksimal 2 sampai 5 mb gitu LOh...

Terima kSih..


Anonymous said...

Salaam brother

I am unable to download the english pdf link you put there. Can u please make it available again?

Anonymous said...

After Hearing about this Book "La Tahzan" i spent a lot of time searching English Version. May Allah give you hassana for this greatness. Many thanks

khairul.Shaufuan said...

Assalamualaikum my dear Borthers

The La Tahzab englsih format and indonesian transilation is avalable at this website just typed up LA TAHZAN in search field and it will list down all available downloadable ebooks. The enlish version is a scan version from original print but bahasa indonesia are formated form of pdf. I guess you need win.rar file to extract the bahasa indonesia version

I've just download both versions
Happy reading

Anonymous said...

Assalam mu'alaikum.

Is this even okay? You're giving people's things that are meant for selling for free.

Yes, Ilmiah is free, but people's hard work that is put into it are not, unless the person said anyone can have it for free.

Won't it be considered as stealing?

sharif ali said...

It is haram for stealing others fiqh Ulama says this is Maliy so dont do this..if it is for ur own good think back again..barkath